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AirPod Spy Trick

UniVirtual Solutions AirPods Tech Tip

How to turn your AirPods into a 007 worthy bug, -er… I mean “listening assistant”

In a crowded room where a lot of people are talking, you may find yourself distracted and unable to clearly hear what the person in a group (maybe across the room) is saying. You don’t have to be a secret agent to use a listening device, but using one will definitely make you feel like one! With the help of your AirPods and your iPhone or iPad, you can use a feature called Live Listen to get a little clarity. Especially on A&B conversations you want to C yourself in on.

Live Listen lets you put your i-device close to the person talking while you listen through your AirPods so that you can better hear what is being said in the discussion, instead of funneling in all of the ambient chatter that might be taking place. Here’s how to set up and use Live Listen with your iPhone and AirPods.

How to position your iPhone or iPad for optimum audio with Live Listen

Though Live Listen is intended to help isolate one area so you can hear conversations better, it’s still just a microphone picking up sound. Here’s a couple of suggestions for the best way to position your iPhone or iPad to get the best possible audio…

  • Point the bottom of your iPhone or iPad toward the area you want to hear better. Live Listen uses your device’s microphone, which is at the bottom of the iPhone and iPad.
  • Set it as close as possible to the person you want to hear. The microphone will still pick up ambient sounds, so it works best when your device is closer to the subject than surrounding noises.
  • Adjust the volume on your iPhone or iPad to get better sound quality. If the volume is all the way up, everything will get louder, including ambient noise. I’ve noticed that, when I set the volume at about middle or slightly above middle, I get the best quality of sound for the person I’m listening to without bringing in all of the loud noise around me, too.


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