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Why Choose Us?

Let’s be honest, most IT companies… aren’t.

Chances are, you didn’t make it to this page by accident. You’re here because you want to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an IT and Cyber-security partner. On its face, this sounds like a relatively simple task, unfortunately for most it quickly becomes a nerve-wracking unicorn hunt. Business addresses that turn out to be college dorm-rooms. Confusing jargon only rocket-surgeons understand. Stress-inducing tales of IT nightmares you’re pretty sure were also the plot for a bad 90’s horror movie. What started as an innocent Google search for IT help, ends with a frenzied Groupon search for local yoga classes… that also serve wine.

At UniVirtual Solutions, we skillfully build data security and technology plans as unique as the businesses they’re created for. We believe deeply in always being transparent and truthful. Not just about who we are, but also when it comes to the custom solutions we engineer.

We reject the common practice of manipulating fears associated with technology, and shackling clients into ineffective, overpriced, contracts. Instead, we take time to study the nuances of your business. We unite this information with our knowledge and experience, to quickly develop a dynamic strategy just for you.

We choose to empower you and your team by deploying streamlined technology, ideas, and solutions that continuously propel you toward success!

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    More reasons we’re pretty awesome…

    Not sayin, just sayin.

    We’re Local

    Odds are, you’ll see us at the grocery store… in our pajamas.
    Because we’re close by, our on-site response times are minimal.
    Most importantly this means we are accountable…not just to you as a client, but to the entire community we call home.

    Our Vision

    To be The Nation’s Premier Provider of All-Inclusive, Managed, Technology & Security

    Our Mission

    To Create Advanced, Innovative, Managed Solutions That Secure & Empower Client Productivity & Potential.

    Our Core Values

    UniVirtual Solutions is committed to excellence in serving customers.
    Excellence is only one of our founding values, all of which reflect the biblical principles they are based on. We accept no limitations, because we believe there are no limits to what can be achieved when high standards are driven by higher powers. While UniVirtual Solutions warmly welcomes individuals of all faiths and beliefs, our foundation, motivation and inspiration is the universal love and guidance of Jesus Christ.
    Each day, we strive to live out (and live up) to each of these values that fuel our physical, financial, emotional and spiritual F.I.R.E. for life.
    Faith & Family 

    Our Culture

    The staff at UniVirtual Solutions thrives by helping clients uncover how technology can benefit & serve their company. By leveraging our expertise, we personify the belief that utilization of technology is empowering. Our daily goal is to increase productivity, minimize downtime and maximize profitability for each of our clients.
    • We love what we do.
    • Relieving others from technology woes is a gift, not a burden.
    • As a team of problem solvers we can overcome any challenge.
    • By using our talents to support others we feed our passion, and grow stronger in it.