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Virtualization and Advanced Computing


Implementing the right technology for your company is imperative to the long-term success of your business. UniVirtual Solutions has experience successfully implementing the right technology solutions for many unique situations including virtualization. Whether your company has 3 employees or more than 26,000, we understand the technology challenges that you face each day and the cost the comes with managing multiple servers and desktops. Choosing a company that understands the latest available technology, best practices, and industry standard solutions will keep your company from seeing downtime, increase employee productivity, and lower your operating cost.


Server virtualization is an extremely popular choice for many reasons. By consolidating resources this technology offers benefits such as:
• Lower operational costs
• Decreased carbon footprint
• Minimum resource requirements
• Reduced licensing requirements
UniVirtual Solutions guarantees our IT virtualization consultation will exceed your expectations. Our consultants will review your entire infrastructure to ensure your company benefits from the latest available virtualization technology.


Application virtualization can provide monumental cost savings. Simply put, it allows Apps to be installed and managed from a central location rather than individual installations on desktops, laptops, and servers. The most recognized benefits of app virtualization are decreased app licensing costs, and simplified/universal upgrading and patching. Just like other virtualization solutions that we offer, application virtualization provides great advantages when leveraged correctly.


Desktop virtualization is accomplished by centrally managing virtual desktops stored on a central server. This separates the desktop environment from the physical machine and allows for centralized oversight as well as simplified recovery in the event of machine hardware failure. In addition to lowering the cost of each workstation, computers boot faster and updates are no longer required at each station. Virtualizing desktops also means that any desktop can be accessed any time, any where, with just a internet connection. This allows users to telecommute when needed and simplifies access on-the-go.

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