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Is your data backed up? Does your business need a backup and disaster recovery plan?
Should you backup your backup? Are you prepared in case of a disaster? 

Every business must prepare for a disaster and there are a few basic steps you can take that will assure your data is safe and secure. If you’ve asked yourself any of the questions above, your business is at risk. Protecting your critical data from hacking, viruses, loss, and corruption is our priority. The experts at UniVirtual Solutions have extensive experience creating backup and disaster recovery plans for organizations of all sizes. Request your assessment today, and enjoy the piece of mind of knowing your business is prepared. 

Data Loss Events

• Fire
• Flood
• Power Outages/Surges
• Hacking
 • Viruses
• Theft
• Hard-drive Failure
• Accidental Deletion
• Operating System Crashes
• Corrupted Files

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