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Cloud Services

Atlanta & Macon Cloud Services

Safe and secure data you can access anywhere.

With constant advancements in technology, chances are your business practices will greatly change over the next few years.

More and more businesses are making the shift into the cloud. Cloud storage makes it easy to access your data, scale your storage needs and has the added benefit of reducing overall costs. You’ll never have to worry about backups or losing data in a hardware crash again.

With cloud services, the security and accessibility of your data drastically increases. As your need for additional data storage grows additional space is easily added, without the need to upgrade hardware. We’ve helped businesses large and small transition to the cloud.

Trust UniVirtual Solutions to help you find the right cloud solution for your business.

Reduce Costs

Whether your company is an enterprise, SMB or government organization, cloud solutions can save you money by minimizing license and hardware costs.


Storing your business critical data safely offsite means you don’t have to be there to access it. This also adds a huge safety net to your disaster recovery plan.

Automatic Updates

No more annoying reminder pop-up’s.
Zero lost time.
With a cloud plan from UniVirtual Solutions your office will be more productive, which means more accountability and maximum profitability.


There’s never any growing pains when your storage is infinitely scalable. With your managed cloud plan, your storage grows as you grow. You’ll never have to worry about researching compatibility, purchasing or maintaining additional hardware again.

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