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Cyber Security

Atlanta & Macon Cyber Security Services

Traditional cyber security plans depend on automation to combat constantly evolving human adversaries. This creates a purely reactive security bubble and gives hackers the digital high ground. By fusing the latest technology with a team of cyber security consultants who specialize in IT security, Saber creates a uniquely proactive security posture that protects your organization’s complete attack surface. Located in Atlanta, our managed IT security team has the latest cyber certifications, and we are the most prepared and technically advanced cyber security company to support your business’s cyber security needs whether you are located in Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, or Savannah, GA. We are here for you.

Plan. Prevent. Protect.

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Threat Anticipation

Focusing on proactive protection, Saber anticipates and plans for both known and zero-day threats before they occur.
Saber monitors your network 24/7 securing your data from insiders, controlling web traffic, and protecting against malicious emails.
By protecting assets and preventing intrusions around the clock, Saber lets you and your staff focus on business goals.

Threat Hunting

Saber utilizes the latest and innovative cyber threat hunting solutions to monitor alerts of suspicious activity. Our elite team of security experts takes over to validate each event, remove false positives, and take any required actions against intruders.

Security Experts

Our seasoned cyber security team handles your defense from our 100% Atlanta-based Security Operations Center (SOC).
You’ll enjoy laser-focused security from a local consultant, precision compliance, and outstanding customer service from a team that speaks your language.
Your private security engineer will be your principal contact and will notify you in the event of any breach attempts.


Every managed IT security Saber plan includes our exclusive Saber Safeguard technology. Installed onsite, this standalone defense insulates your data with a native barrier hackers can’t bypass.

Let our cyber security experts secure your network.

• Latest cyber security technology
• Advanced cyber security expertise, 24/7 on-call
• Protection against cyber security threat
• Increased ROI from hiring a dedicated IT staff
• Protection against email phishing and scams
• Cyber security staff training
• Onsite protection | Zero cloud dependance


Proactive Prevention

Mainstream passive/reactive security just won’t cut it anymore. Our proactive seek-and-destroy eliminates threats before they strike.

Scalable Service

Whether you already have a SOC team, or you’re starting a new business, our tiered plans offer world-class cyber protection as you grow and based on your needs

Maximize Potential

By eliminating the risks and challenges associated with active cyber security, you’re free to focus on what you do.

Tailored Security

By thoroughly assessing your current security gaps, we’ll engineer a rock-solid solution personalized to safeguard your organization’s future.

24/7 Monitoring

Hackers don’t work banker’s hours. That’s why we monitor your network 24/7, managing alerts, hunting threats, repairing vulnerabilities, all while keeping you in the loop.

Elite Security Experts

Backed by the best and brightest, our team of razor-sharp certified security experts keep your business running smoothly around the clock.


Our security experts take a collaborative approach in protecting your business and customer’s data.
In the event a breach is discovered, your private security engineer will initiate communication with you. They’ll continue reaching out, using your predetermined contact methods, until contact is made.
But we don’t stop there. We’ll continue to work closely with you and your team, with regular updates throughout the investigation and remediation process.




Securing each team member is your first line of cyber defense.

Next-level user protection and training that shelters your business from malicious email and communication threats. Real-time protection against sophisticated risks including phishing, impersonation and spam. Also included is computer roll-back, just in case ever needed. Your data is protected.



Seek out and strike hackers before they even know what hit them

Hackers across the globe are holding companies hostage with Ransomware. A single incident can close your doors permanently. Our 24/7 cyber security  monitoring will keep you informed while ensuring your data is safe and protected. Staying proactive is critical.



Designed to shield your business from attacks at every level.

Anyone can purchase an anti-virus software online. While not all programs are the same, ensuring you have the best and a team of cyber security experts readiably available, monitoring the threats is the different. Also included is computer roll-back, just in case ever needed. Innovative, proactive, and expert protection.

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