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At UniVirtual Solutions, we understand that each office environment is unique. Managing environments whether large or small can be difficult depending on your staff’s knowledge of technology and can become a headache over time with maintenance and upgrade requirements. Our staff at UniVirtual Solutions can manage a variety of infrastructure types, which combined with our strong partnerships, expertise, systematic approach and dedication allow us to become your ideal partner for IT consulting and managed services.


Smart entrepreneurs and managers understand the need for small business tech upgrades. Making the right choices now will save you time and money later. As an authorized reseller, we pass our savings on to you. You’ll have access to the same name-brand products found at major retailers, but at a fraction of the cost. Falling behind the curve with outdated software and hardware can put your company at a huge competitive disadvantage.


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Data cabling is so much more than just running wires through your walls. Our certified fiber-optic specialists are experts in dynamic cabling and office migration. Proper cabling can be the difference between a thriving, efficient business and a slow, frustrating one. Cabling is your office’s backbone. Your internet, email, telephones, printers, workstations and servers all depend on reliable and proper cables.
Electricians run electricity, we wire technology.


At UniVirtual Solutions, we understand that each environment is unique. When we assess your infrastructure, we look for security vulnerabilities, suggest improvements, and commend you for what’s already working well! Our goal is to maximize your efficeincy by streamlinging processes and protocols. At the end of the day, we’re looking to save you time, money and energy. Our experts are specialized in a variety of infrastructure optimization strategies including virtualization, networking, hyperconvergence, and storage.


UniVirtual’s storage solutions are always customized to fit your business. Whether cloud based or on-site, we ensure your data is handled with care by guarding it against corruption. We also verify it’s secure from breaches, and keep it organized so it’s always fast and reliable when accessed. From database migrations, upgrades and design to capacity planning, installations and disaster recovery. UniVirtual Solutions always sets the benchmark when it comes to customer service, technical expertise, and value.

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