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Technology Stressing You Out?

Slow computers, security threats, change password requirements, software updates and failures… these are just a few items that cause business professionals everywhere to “stress-out” about technology.  In fact, technology is blamed for the almost 50% increase in the number of people with depression or anxiety since 1990, according to a study conducted by the World Health Organization.

Think, for example, how long you spend waiting on slow computers to load programs or for wi-fi to load web pages. How much time do you waste waiting on your computer to boot up or making sure you change passwords every 90 days? How often are you twiddling your thumbs while updates are downloading? It’s frustrating to think about!

Did you know that having a dedicated IT Provider can help alleviate or even eliminate technology-related stress? At UniVirtual Solutions, we ensure you remain as stress-free as possible by providing expert technology solutions for all your unique needs. From monitoring your systems and preventing security threats to upgrading your slow devices, we can handle those every day annoyances that keep you and your staff from being fully productive!

Stop wasting time! Call us today at 678.374.4352 to schedule your FREE IT Assessment and learn how UniVirtual can assist with your technology needs! We would love the opportunity to help lower your stress level!